DIN Series


Ruthman Company DIN pumps feature engineered parts interchangeability which insures you are easily and quickly able to convert to the pump assembly that matches your application.


  • Standard ball bearing housing sizes the interchange with many pump models
  • Inlet and outlet flanges are of raised face design, allowing for more positive sealing of flanges.
  • Internal pump hardware material is 316 stainless steel as standard.
  • Shaft sleeve material is 316 stainless steel as standard.
  • Side port volute drain featured for ease of pumpage removal during repair.
  • Pump dimensions are designed to match the DIN 733 standard.
  • Volute inlet and outlet flanges are to PN16 as a standard. Can be produced per customer specifications if required.
  • With just a change of the shaft sleeve and seal gland, the size of the mechanical seal can be changed
  • Ball bearing housing castings are designed for use with oil, grease or greased for life ball bearings. This reduces the pump parts inventory and allows for quicker delivery to the customer
  • Carbon wear ring material is standard


  • Cooling lubricants for machine tools
  • Industrial process and cooling water circuits
  • Industrial heat recovery systems
  • Spray booths and surface painting systems
  • Industrial washing and cleaning systems
  • Filtration and water treatment systems
  • Breweries
  • Bottle rinsing and crate washing systems
  • Heat transfer systems
  • District heating
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Municipal water supply and transport
  • Irrigation
  • Heating and air conditioning