Gusher Industrial Coolant Pumps and Tank Units


Gusher coolant pumps include immersed, flange mounted, tank units and accessories replacements for imported machine tools, and our Rumaco line.

Immersed Types

Gusher immersed type machine tool and industrial coolant pumps come in 5 basic configurations:
  1. Built in mounting flange with horizontal discharge
  2. Built in mounting flange with discharge above the mounting flange
  3. Horizontal discharge - dual inlet
  4. Vertical discharge - single or dual inlet
  5. Stand pipe - inlet type
  • Extended models available

Flange Mounted Types

Flange mounted should be selected when space is limited and an immersed type cannot be used. These pumps are mounted directly to the outside of the reservoir solving limited space problems. Internal discharge pumps are recommended when external piping is not feasible.
  • Extended lengths available
  • External and Internal Discharge

Tank Units and Accessories

These general-purpose units are widely used for supplying coolant to machine tools not otherwise equipped with a coolant system. Available in standard reservoir sizes from 10 to 200 gallons with pumps from 1/25 through 7 1/2hp, Gusher tank units may be used as permanent, portable, or auxiliary coolant systems.
  • Available with standard NEMA foot mounted motors
  • Baffles and Chip Baskets Available
  • Casters or legs available to facilitate portability

Gusher Rumaco Pumps

Some Gusher-Rumaco centrifugal, open impeller type pumps can be equipped with self adjusting seals so that the units can be installed either vertically or horizontally at or below liquid level. They can be throttled to any desired extent without increasing the load on the motor, and the seals are designed to handle this fluctuation. Castings on these pumps are sturdily constructed to tested materials. Each has the inherent characteristics of dependability and performance built into all Gusher products.
  • Flange Mounted or Pipe Inlet Types
  • Available in Sizes to Meet Almost Any Requirement

Replacement Centrifugal Coolant Pumps for Imported Machine Tools

Gusher offers replacement machine tool coolant pumps for Fuji, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Hitachi, and Yasukawa. Contact our Sales Department for your specific application.
  • Vertical Immersion Pumps
  • Horizontal Suction Pumps