Manufacturers of Quality Pumps since 1913

Gusher Pumps builds everything from highly specialized single pumps to high quantity custom-engineered pump orders. Our range of industrial pumps represents one of the largest selection of centrifugal pumps available from a single manufacturer.

Models include close-coupled pumps, end suction pumps, immersed pumps, self-priming pumps, vortex pumps, sludge pumps, multi-stage pumps, and full cantilever pumps. Both vertical pumps and horizontal pumps are available to suit installation and application requirements.

Our product range is capable of handling flows from small to large, with our multi-stage pump achieving heads in excess of 800 ft. Numerous models and sizes permit selection of the most hydraulically suitable pump for many capacity/head ranges without having to up or down size operating characteristics.

Over 100 years in the pump business shows in our expertise. Gusher Pumps excels in custom-engineering pumps to meet exacting performance and unique application specifications.

From sales and customer service to engineering, machining, assembly and quality control, our dedicated staff is the driving force behind our reputation for quality, dependable pumps. As one customer put it: Gusher is big enough to have deep engineering expertise, yet small enough to care about each individual order.

Gusher Pumps' custom-manufactured pumps are suited for a wide range of applications including Din specification, ANSI specification, machine tool and centralized coolant systems, automatic paint systems, industrial spray washers, filtration systems, phosphate and bonderizing lines, just to name a few.

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