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Enclosed Column Design Option

Leaking pumps can result in hazardous wet floors, loss of expensive process fluid, and repair downtime. The Enclosed Column design option, available on 7800 Series verticals, works with the standard sealless design, enabling external tank (‘dry-pit) mounting to replace leaking sealed pumps.

First, the completely sealless engineering eliminates the most common point of excessive leakage: failed mechanical seal or sealing method. Then, the enclosed column collects the minimal, if any, fluid seepage and directs it to the discharge point.

This simple design concept has been proven with decades of reliable operation in thousands of industrial installations. Downtime is minimized, costly process fluids are conserved, and shop floors remain dry and hazard-free.


  • Reduces maintenance by eliminating routine seal replacement
  • Suited to a wide variety of challenging applications-even those with high solids or with high temperature fluids
  • Ideal for external tank mounting
  • Saves floor space over horizontal pump configurations
  • Increases plant safety by eliminating wet floors and exposure to hazardous fluids
  • Eliminates loss of costly process materials
  • Easily retrofitted to existing pump installations-including horizontal configurations
Enclosed Column Advantages