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gusher pumps service maintenance video power frame rebuild mechanical seal replace 7550 series vertical pump disassemble disassembly manual impeller adjustment

Maintenance & How-To

7550 Power Frame Rebuild
Disassembly and rebuild of a Gusher Pumps 7550 Series Vertical Pump. Proper steps taken at the factory level to ensure extended pump life and flawless operation.
7550 Series Vertical Pump Disassembly
Animated guide to power frame rebuild of Gusher’s 7550 Series Vertical Pump. Easy to follow part-by-part disassembly.
Mechanical Seal Replacement
Here we replace the mechanical seal on a Gusher 7500 Series Close-coupled pump. This provides a comprehensive look at the tools and parts needed to return your pump to service.
Manual Impeller Adjustment of a Vertical Pump
Demonstrating the simple process of disassembly and adjustment of the impeller in a Gusher 7550 series vertical pump.
gusher pumps back pullout design advantage horizontal pump enclosed column design top pullout

Product Features Explained

Back Pullout Design Advantage for Horizontal Pumps
In this video, we discuss the advantages of Gusher Pumps’ Back Pullout Design and show how this timesaving feature works.
End Pump Leaks with Gusher’s Enclosed Column Design
One of the most common industrial plant problems is leaking pumps. Downtime and repair costs can add up to significant expense over the life of a pump.
gusher pumps training education basics operation troubleshooting

Training and Education

Pump 101 – Basics Pump Operation, Selection and Troubleshooting
A comprehensive training session that provides great information for the novice, intermediate and semi-advanced pump pros.